Your waste, our concern

With many years of expertise in maritime waste management Marpol Services has established a flexible, responsive range of services, adapted into one seamless operation by our experienced staff. We can accommodate tight deadlines and work around limited access, functioning 24 hours a day to provide dependable, efficient waste collection solutions.
Our services include dry waste collection for both ships and harbour facilities. We operate a fleet of specialist tankers to transport aqueous and oily wastes. We also operate marine barges for waterside and larger volume waste collections.

We provide our services across the ARA region, collecting and disposing aqueous, oily and hazardous wastes. Marpol plays a crucial role in helping to maintain the port’s status as one of Europe’s leading shipping outlets. We also provide reception facilities for ship-generated waste and catering waste in the Port of Amsterdam.

Being fully independent we guarantee that the most favourable solution will be found in each specific case. Clients dealing with Marpol Services will never face any surprise as our clear quotations detail exactly what is involved in any operation. You will never be charged any ambiguous additional costs and wonderful surcharges when doing business with Marpol Services.

Designated partner for inland waterways

Inland waterway transport is deemed to be the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. The treatment of waste that inevitably occurs during the operation of vessels is of particular concern for river operators. Six European countries ( Germany, Belgium. France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and The Netherlands) have adopted rules of the collection and disposal of waste in their national legislation.
Marpol Services is designated as a partner to implement the rules in the so called CDNI treaty. We have special barges for the collection of waste in

Practical and technical solutions

Tank cleaning

Marpol Services specializes in cleaning tanks utilized to store various products including hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, crude oil and even water. Whether you are changing product, inspecting tank integrity, making modifications and repairs, removing solid and sludge, removing contamination or demolishing a tank, we are prepared with trained personnel and state-of-the- art equipment to clean your tank, meeting your expectations and regulatory requirements. We clean:

Cargo hold cleaning

Cleaning bulk cargos is one of the major issues on board vessels. Not only masters’ and ships’ crew are involved but also office-operation managers and sometimes external specialists. Preparation for loading new cargo requires important cleaning procedures. Especially today where cargos like coal, pet coke, cement, iron and bauxite are in high demand.
These procedures have different standards depending on previous and next cargos, as well as local regulations and specific cargo interest requirements. Cleaning coal and pet coke should be done in a specific way to avoid cargo deposits which will result in blisters and peel of the coating when the hold starts to sweat.
Attuned to the needs of the maritime industry, we provide thorough hold cleaning with the utmost efficiency in time and costs.

When quick response is needed

Marpol is experienced in prevention and remedial clean-up in response to incidents in and on the water, in lock systems and on-board both maritime and inland water vessels. Our personnel has coordinated and tackled a wide variety of incidents. To name a few:

Marpol Services is appointed by the Dutch authorities (Rijkswaterstaat) as primary partner in case of any oil spill in the Amsterdam region.

The right tools are half the work

Dealing with incidents is specialised work. Our extensive expertise enables us to advise you about the correct absorbents to use in the event of a spill. These materials only will absorb oil and fuel, not water.
Marpol Services also is supplier of Oil-spill response kits, Oil booms and Oli-absorbent cloths, all available in various types and sizes. Customized products to meet specific needs on special request.

Marpol Services has put together a comprehensive range of onboard cleaning products for the maritime sector. All products selected are available in either 10 or 25 L (2 or 5.5 gallons) cans. All following products are IMO-approved.

MP Soap

A mild, alkaline cleaner for industrial applications, deck scrubbing and tank cleaning. Can be applied by hand, but is also ideally suited for use with high- and low-pressure equipment, steam cleaners, circulation systems etc.

MP Ship Clean

Neutral ship cleaner and degeaser for breaking down synthetic, animal, vegetable and mineral oils and greases and aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons. The product can be applid by hand or using high-pressure cleaners, immersion troughs etc. and is safe for use on all water-resistant surfaces. MP Ship Clean can also be used in accordance with HACCP regulations.

MP Ship Clean HD

Strong alkaline liquid cleaner for industrial applications. Ideally suited for cleaning and degreasing components and surfaces contaminated with oils and greases, and cleaning plant rooms. Dirt accumulation is effectively dislodged from the underlying surface by breaking its surface tension, allowing it to be rinsed off quickly and easily with water. MP Ship Clean HD can be used in accordance with HACCP regulations.

Cleaner PS-NF Super

This product is both for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, equipment, recirculation systems and other objects. Permitted usage for combatting bacteria and yeasts (not endospores) on surfaces that come into contact with food, drink and their associated ingredients. This product is manufactured using only the purest ingredients. All ingredients are food industry-approved.

MP Degreaser

Weakly emulsifying, quick-acting cold degreaser based on aliphatic compounds. Rapidly dissolves mineral oils and greases as well as light tar and bitumen residue. Generally used in chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in the maritime sector. This product forms an emulsion with water. Therefore it does not detrimentally affect oil/water separators.

MP Caltrust

A specially developed acidic liquid for cleaning weathered and corroded metallic surfaces and objects, especially stainless steel. Removes calcium deposits, scale and corrosion resulting from atmospheric pollutants, etc. This product has been IMO-approved for the maritime sector under its Dutch name RVS Reiniger Speciaal (Stainless Steel Cleaner Special).

MP Adam

Industrial deodorizer. Not only masks odours, but also neutralizes them completely. Also suitable for ship tank cleaning.

Oil Spill Response Kits

These kits provide the solution tot oil spills. They contain various oil-absorbent materials, oil cloths and absorbent screens. The kit is watertight, lockable and comes with oil-resistant gloves and sealable bags for disposing of contaminated materials. Its total absorption capacity is 1.100 liters (242 gallons).

Oil Booms

Highly recommended for shipyards, boatyards, marinas and bunkering stations. Booms are available in diameters of 13
and 20 cm and lenghts of 3 and 5 meters. Floating on the water surface they confine oil spills to a single area. Booms can be deployed immediately in the event of any contamination, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. These booms are recommended by the the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public works and Water management.

Oil-absorbent Cloths

We recommend the use of oil and chemical-absorbent cloths to numerous industries including the petrochemical industry, machinery plants and garages. These cloths are ideal for placing on the round around machinery and in other locations to absorb oils and chemicals as spills occur. The absorption capacity is up to 25 times their own weight. Heavy machinery can be moved over these cloths without any problem.