At your service!

As a leading maritime waste management company Marpol Services provides a comprehensive range of services for clients operating within the ARA region. We anticipate and evaluate new legislation, develop and assess environmental technologies and research our customers’ practical requirements to provide successful and sustainable maritime waste management services. Our expertise allows us to perfectly tailor our services to meet the needs and requirements of both ports and shipping industry.

However, Marpol is far more than just pooled expertise and a 24-hour service. Not only do we know the port intimately, but the port also knows us very well. This includes both dry and wet sides of port operations, i.e. the terminals, warehouses and industry on the one hand and the bunkering stations, towage services, boatmen, port authorities and customs on the other.

This is a major advantage in an industry where the adage time is money can be applied very literally. Our around-the-clock presence in the port of Amsterdam also makes Marpol the ideal partner for oil spill response operations. With over twenty years of experience,
we know the ropes and know our way around to waterway authorities, insurance agents etcetera.
In short: Marpol, your solution to marine pollution.

A safe environment for all

Marpol Services BV and het employees consider health, safety and environmental protection to be the highest priorities. The privilege of conducting business with our customers’ demands excellence in the safe execution of all tasks.
We express our value to Safety, Health, Environment & Quality through our Certificates of:

Additionally Marpol is ISO 9001 certified by DNV. This certification indicates that Marpol: